Do you still think websites aren’t important in 2020? or do you think it’s just another waste of time, energy, and most of all money?

Well, a business may operate on social media only but trust me that is not enough. In many instances, a website is designed to fit your purpose, brand, or your industry’s requirement and the absence of it makes you lose on a lot of things.

Let take a look at why you must have a website for your business no matter how small your business is.


  • Make Your Business Look Professional

One of the reasons why many people won’t just do business on social media (maybe a page created to represent an idea) is that social media nowadays has turned into a platform for scammers. Because it basically doesn’t have boundaries when it comes to the number of people you can reach, people create fake accounts to scam others far from their geographical location.

Having a website, therefore, make you professional. It creates that gap between a scammer and a serious firm selling a product or a service. This is not to say there aren’t fake websites out there. No far from that. But having a well-designed website with clearly defined services or products gives you more integrity and professionalism than someone who doesn’t have but claims to be in business.


  • New Customers From Search Engines


From a recent survey, daily Google search alone is in the billions, with every hour search in the millions around the world. The truth is you can take advantage of these daily searches and generate a lead or a prospecting client for your business if you have a website. Every search engine crawls webpages consistently to fetch new pages that are related to a particular search term. Having a website and submitting to Google Webmaster, this gives you the opportunity for people to find you (your products and services) easily.

This just simply means you have a web presence where people can find your services or products online thus a chance of increased revenue for your business.


  • Showcase Your Products, Services, and Review

Importance of website

One basic goal of a website for your business is to comprehensively display your products or simple or even reviews and testimonies about your service. This is a good thing because no matter how people get to your website, one thing they will be looking for is what you are selling. If you do not have a website, what do you have to showcase? Also bear in mind that social media is designed to connect people, but was not designed to display your products and services a certain kind of way you would want it to. Thus your website is custom made for only you (your products and services).

Reviews and testimonies can be posted on your social media pages, but there are lots of posts in a day to the extent that it will just take a few hours for your post to stop generating engagement. This is how it was made so new posts can appear. But the reviews and testimonies you include on your website are not competing against any other post. This helps to convince people enough to go with you instead of another person.


  • Makes It Easy For People To Contact You

It is easy for people to pick your telephone number on your website and directly contact you for a product or a service. Even better, you can also embed a google map of your direct business location for your prospecting customer to visit you for a talk. People miss out on the chance to find new customers because they don’t have an online presence where the business website plays the biggest role.




Well-designed and functioning website call for your attention from others and you don’t want to miss out on that. Some people make the mistake of thinking their business is too small to have a website. That is very wrong. No matter how small your website is, you must have a website. And as a platform that seeks to educate, we would recommend Aspire Digital for you when you need your website design or re-design of your old website. Visit their website at